Negative Effects of Mass Media

Everyday we are exposed to media, no matter where we go. I think one of the misconception about media is that media is only a reporters or one who is giving the news. If we say media we can see it anywhere in television, internet, newspapers and even in the advertisements. Mass media have it’s positive and negative effects to our society especially to the youth. For this week I will discuss the negative effects of mass media.

Health Issues

Health issues is one of the negative effect of mass media. Why? because as a youth we can easily influence by the advertisements we see on the television or advertisements in the newspapers. For example if our favorite favorite actor or athlete is advertising a alcoholic beverages as a fan we always want to support our favorite television personality so we will buy or try the product he or she promoting even it’s not good to our health. It also make us curious to a thing we saw in the television like if we see a cigar commercial it makes us curious or interesting especially if it’s the first time we saw that advertisements. Last if we see a junk foods commercial it makes us to try or buy that thing because it’s looks tasty even though it’s not good for our health. In reality not all the things we see and read in television or newspapers is good for us.


On this modern age the youth are very exposed to the “SEX”. Why? because as the technology grows by it’s very easy for them to go to the porn site. It makes them sexually adventurous so they involve in premarital sex. Actually not only in the internet we can see or watch pornographic materials sometimes even in our favorite show it makes us see what is sex. Even in the tabloid there are pornographic materials. In the United States they are very exposed to sex because they are too liberated, we can see that in their television program and even in hthe big screens.


In our time we always hear, read and see a story about violence. Do you ever think what influence or provoke them to commit a very violent action to another person? I think the solid/concrete reasons for that attitude or actions are what they saw on television like a violent film or action packed television show. One more reason reason is the role playing game or violent online game. Sometimes the player doesn’t know the reality to the virtual world in the point that the player thinks that he is the character to the game and it’s makes him to commit a very violent action against someone.

In the end no matter how influential the mass media are still it’s our choice what action we will make.

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