2016 Election : A Social Media Election?

In 2008 United States presidential election the social media can be credited for helping the first African American to held the highest office in the U.S. Barrack Obama’s “Yes,we can” campaign on social media was a big factor for his candidacy in 2008.

The Filipinos are one the most active users in the social media. In Facebook alone there are 30 million Filipinos that are using Facebook ( as of 2013 ). and there are 9.5 million Filipinos have their twitter accounts ( as of 2012 ). as of 2015 there estimated 42 million Filipinos that are active in the social media.

In the numbers alone we can say that social media can be a big help for one politician or candidate. What are the benefits of using social media for a political campaign?

REACH : it helps the politician to reach large numbers of voters in a short period of time.

ENGAGEMENT : social media allows the politician to actively engage or interact with their potential voters.

PLATFORMS : it helps the politician to say to his potential voters what he wants to do if he win and what are his plans.

BEHIND THE CAMPAIGN/SCENES : social media allows the voters to see what the candidate as a normal or simple person.

FOLLOWERS TO VOTERS : social media can also help the candidate to turn his followers to voters.

right now there are 52 million registered voters in the country. If the politician maximize the use of social media it can be a big help for his campaign. This coming 2016 election it can be a battle on social media. Post vs post and tweet vs tweet, so choose the candidate you LIKE and SHARE their platforms to others.beastmode


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