One Click : The Power of Social Media

In this modern day, where everyone can easily tell their sentiments about the government or it’s spread a wrong story about someone. Sometimes we use the social media in the wrong way to the extent that it’s destroy someone’s life. The social media is very powerful if we think wisely and use it wisely in our simple click we can change the world.

what are the power we have by using the social media by a simple like, post and share?

The Power to Help

    On social media we have the power to help not just only our friends or the person we know but everybody in this world we can help them. YES!!! we can help anybody. Maybe we can’t help them in financial problems but we can help someone in social media by showing support to them.

I can always see on my Facebook account a post of someone that needs help. Example I saw a post one person was lost and many people in the social media help that person by simply sharing his photos in the social media. We always read a story about that.

The Power to Give Information

In social media we have the power to give information. In our times we use the social media as our way to spread the news or information to others. For example the Typhoon Yolanda we were aware that it was a very powerful typhoon because on social media, everyone keep on posting to be ready for that calamity because of that we were prepared in the time that the typhoon was hit us.

The Power to Change the World

We only just a few months a way to elect a new leaders. Social media can be a big factor for a new path we gonna walk. In my last week article I discussed the role of social media in next year election. The social media will be a campaign strategy for politicians so we need to think wisely who we gonna support and give our trust.

Before we share the name of the politicians we gonna support this coming election we need to think very wisely because in our simple like, post and share we can change the future of our country.wiiiiit


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