The Greatest of all – time : LEO MESSI

Once again Leo Messi proved to the world that he is the best player in the world right now.  The Barcelona and Argentinian player bagged his fifth balloon d’or award most in history (2009-2012 and 2015).  Messi beat the two other candidates for the award including his Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo and his Barcelona teammate Neymar Jr.  The biggest reason that Messi won his 5th balloon d’or award is the 5 titles they won that includes the La Liga title, Champions League, Copa Del Rey, Super Cup and the Club world cup in Japan. Messi was the biggest key to all their victories last season.

Messi received the 41.33 % of the votes while Ronaldo got the 27.67 % and Neymar Jr. had 7.86 % of the votes.  The Barcelona star was voted by the captains, managers and journalist, he was recognized because of his amazing 2015 season. One of his highlights last year was the goal against the Bayern Munich in the 1st leg of the semi-finals match against where he beat the German Goalkeeper when he chipped the ball at the 6 yards.

Reasons why Messi is the Greatest of all-time?

Most Ballons d’or in history ( 5 )

Most consecutive ballons d’or ( 4 )

Most ballon d’or appearances as finalist ( 9)

Most appearances in the FIFA world XI ( 9 )

Most FIFA Golden Balls Award ( 2 )

Top goal scorer for club and country (  91 ) * Guinness world record

Longest goal scoring run in a professional league with 33 goals in 21 matches

Messi achieved many awards that no one in history ever done and he also break record after record that makes him the GREATEST of all-time. messi



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